9 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day

9 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day

I am currently 9 days into Whole30 so I won’t be celebrating this 14 Juillet like I usually do- at a restaurant with other Francophiles, French food, and wine. Even though I’m mostly staying home for the day, I thought I’d share what I’ll be up to and a few other ideas for those of you who don’t want to or can’t go to a Bastille Day fest. Most of these are free and can be done in the comfort of your own home. What is better?

1. Make a special meal

Pick a recipe from Chocolate and Zucchini, Pardon Your French, or Rachel Khoo. Not into French food? Make your favorite meal but be sure to have plenty of wine!

2. Watch a French Movie

A few favorites currently on Netflix: Blind Date, Call My Agent, La Mante, Suite Francaise, Amelie, Witnesses. Also try your library via Kanopy.
If you don’t have time to watch a movie, how about a season of My Life in Sourdough?

3. Read a book or a blog

For a book try The Red Notebook, The Lost Vintage, or Where the Wild Cherries Grow.
For a blog try Everyday Parisian, French Girl in Seattle, Mode and the City, Paris, Meet Boston, or Ann Street Studio.

Be sure to review or comment to show your appreciation.

4. Practice French

For free try Duolingo or a free trial of Frantastique. If you’re willing to spend money and commit, buy a language book, Rosetta Stone, or find a French teacher online to Skype with.

5. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Since it is Saturday there is a good chance that there is a Farmer’s Market happening near you. Buy those fresh veggies and pretend they’re as good as they are in France. I am planning to go to my local one for the first time tomorrow. I will report back.

6. Start that skincare routine you’ve been meaning to

This book can start you on your skincare quest. It was written by the founder of my favorite French skincare brand, Caudalie, but you don’t have to use their products to take the good advice. It was a bit of an adjustment but now I look forward to applying potions and lotions every morning and night.

7. Plan your next trip to France

Bright Lights Paris and Don’t be a Tourist in Paris are the two books I recommend the most for planning a trip to Paris. See other blogs mentioned above for more great planning inspiration.

8. Go through your closet

I don’t mean that you should get rid of any clothes that don’t scream “FRENCH GIRL,” but if going through your clothes is something you’ve been thinking of doing and you just happen to keep a few ideas in mind (see here and here), you’re doing a great job celebrating today.

9. Walk your city

Walk outside your door, hop on a bus, or drive to your local big city to wander just like you would if you were in Paris. If you happen to pick up a box of macarons or check out a museum in your adventures, all the better.

Tomorrow I’ll be drinking out of my France glass, displaying the fresh lavender I found at Trader Joe’s, going to the Farmer’s Market, and making a French potato salad. What Bastille Day plans do you have?