The Armored Saint by Myke Cole

The Armored Saint by Myke Cole

This book is about a really dumb girl who makes terrible choices that cause really bad things to happen.

It’s a shame because aside from the main character, this is a fantastic story. Well, mostly. The world and other characters are interesting but Heloise… Heloise! There is nothing good about you.

The choices she makes are so bad that if this were not a book there isn’t a chance that she would have lived to age 16. All throughout the book it is mentioned how her body “betrays” her by not doing what she wants it to or doing something she doesn’t want it to. If this girl really were that separated from her body there is no way she would have made it this far in this world.

There is also an uncomfortable monologue about how “Loving is never wrong, and nothing that comes from loving can ever be wrong.” This is so untrue it is scary.

There are other parts of the book that have similar themes to political issues going on in 2018 but I feel that the way they are executed has backfired and probably has the opposite effect than the author intended.

I am very disappointed in this book and will not be reading any more in this series.

2/5 Stars