Wednesday Whimsy #6

Wednesday Whimsy #6

Happy Summer! Today in Paris there will be a solstice music festival. Hey! I was there three years ago today! And seven! Can I go back yet? Sorry to be a broken record, but I’m sitting here freezing in a hoodie and staring longingly at my pool while they have some pretty nice weather this week.


Here’s the latest new French presale that I know of. Cècile Delarue of French and Parfait has a new cookbook coming out next month. It looks great and I really want it… but I already have so many cookbooks! You should buy this one then let me borrow it. Who am I kidding? I’ll most likely end up getting it.


I wonder if throwing a dinner party like a Parisian would work here in the U.S.?

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting la belle France soon, here’s a list of what do this summer.

As long as I had warm clothing and food/water, I think getting lost in the Catacombs would be a pretty awesome way to spend a few days.

Here’s the perfect day in Paris according to Pret à Voyager.

Have you heard about Netflix’s new French show?


I’ve followed Yolene on Instagram for quite a while and I’m just now catching on to her blog. She caught my eye the other day by posting about how to Put a bit of French in your life and I really loved the post. I’ll definitely be going back to read previous posts. She is a French photographer living in Ireland and she even has a print shop here. I hope you enjoy her content as much as I do!

Happy Summer! Though in Seattle summer never really starts until the 4th of July weekend. It can’t come soon enough.