August Book Reviews

August Book Reviews

Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy 5/5 Stars
Charlotte McConaghy has delivered another wonderful book about so much more than it seems. I absolutely loved Migrations and was eager to read Once There Were Wolves as soon as it came out. The obvious subject of this book is Inti leading a team that is rereleasing wolves into the wilds of Scotland, but it is also about family, love, civilization, trauma, and survival. What lovely pages to get lost in. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was great.

The First Actress by C.W Gortner 5/5 Stars

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 4/5 Stars
An utterly unique and delightful read. Heavy magical realism, light fantasy, and a slow build that made me want to know more rather than lose interest. The connection between Celia and Marco is almost tangible and I love that the circus is more classy than misfit. It’s a beautiful stand-alone that almost makes you want more books from this world but then you realize the magic is all Marco and Celia. Highly recommended.

Beach Read by Emily Henry 5/5 Stars
I finished this book in less than one day (roughly nine hours, interrupted). Since having a baby I figured the days of finishing a book in one day were both far behind me and several a years away from happening again, but I could not put this one down. I am destroyed in a “warm and fuzzy” sort of way. I loved the writing, the characters, setting, dialogue, everything. I love that nothing is perfect which makes everything perfect in its own way. The letters towards the end made me cry because that’s exactly what it feels like to have a child. I love that it’s about writing and it makes me want to write again. I love this book.

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