Wednesday Whimsy #10

Wednesday Whimsy #10

Bonjour! Happy Wednesday and Happy September. I’ve spent the past month obsessively reading so I could complete all the squares for the Seattle Public Library’s Summer Book Bingo. It felt pretty good to set a goal for myself and complete it, even if it is something I was going to do anyway. Read with a purpose, I say. Now I’m on to catch up on ARCs on NetGalley.


One of the final books I read for Summer Book Bingo (a roundup post is in the works) was All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I’m writing a review for it, but let me just say that it was great and I highly recommend it.

Also, I’ve been cooking up a storm out of The Little Paris Kitchen, which I believe I previously mentioned on a WW post. I’ve never cooked so much out of one cookbook and the vast majority of the recipes have been a hit. The kindle version is only $2.99, if you’re into that sort of thing. Two of my favorites: crispy rabbit with Meaux mustard (I used drumsticks) and chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce. And she’s working on a new cookbook!


As I buckle down and try to have a plan for what I want to eat for the week, this article on what this French blogger eats in a day, and others like it, will be my main inspiration.

I love this cheeky article featuring Jeanne Damas on fashion.

If you’re local to Seattle, SIFF’s French Cinema Now starts at the end of the month. I will try to go to as many as I can, just like last year. Last year I saw Eva and Leon, and SUPER AMAZING movie that is not available for me in the US on DVD >.< I keep checking Amazon regularly just incase…


Daphne from Mode and the City has a few posts on the summer road trip she did a few months ago. Here’s the first post. (I read in Chrome where it will translate for me ^.^)

Speaking of great summer vacations, Aurélie went to Singapore and Bali and her pictures are so, so dreamy.

I love Clotilde’s monthly roundup emails so I can see what poem she memorized and what museum she visited for the month. This time she did a Best of Summer post, recapping her family vacation and sharing that her new cookbook is up for preorder.

The above photo is a pastry from a French bakery right next door to my hair salon. Guess what I have for breakfast each time I go? Currently I am a week out from my Atlanta/New Orleans road trip (flying into Atlanta then driving to NOLA) so I am in planning and packing list mode. I am looking forward to some real summer weather and the AC to go along with it.