Brimstone by Cherie Priest

Brimstone by Cherie Priest

Brimstone follows Alice Dartle, a clairvoyant from Virginia, and Tomas Cordero, a suit designer from Ybor City. Alice has moved to the small community of Cassadaga, Florida, a city known for it’s mediums and spiritual leanings, to learn more about her abilities. After a series of fires both in Ybor City and Cassadaga, Tomas and Alice come together with the spiritual community to find out who is behind the fires and how it can be stopped.

I was skeptical going into this book because Cherie Priest’s books are very hit-or-miss for me: I either love them or hate them. I was happy to discover that I absolutely love this one and once it really got going I couldn’t put it down. She does a great job of writing the points-of-view of Alice and Tomas. They consistently alternate chapters without getting any unnecessary overlapping. A few parts of dialogue throughout the book could have been better, but that’s really my only complaint about this book. Part magical realism, part historical fiction, part fantasy, this book has a lot going for it.

I also found it neat to find out that this is a real town in Florida that is less than an hour from where I spent much of my childhood.

5/5 Stars

I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.