Wednesday Whimsy #4

Wednesday Whimsy #4

BONJOUR and welcome to the fourth Wednesday Whimsy post! I can’t believe I’ve kept up with it ^.^ I’m jumping right into fun links today…


A video on five things this woman has learned from French women while living in France. Unfortunately I can’t find much more content from this channel or site, but I really like this video.

On my next trip to Paris I’d love to spend more time in the Saint Germain neighborhood. This article from Bonjour Paris only adds to the desire.

Fancy an in-depth view of le Marais? Here you go!

We’re working on planning a fall trip to NYC (I’ve never been) and a few New England states. Since the trip’s inception, I’ve been reading about 7 Places to Pretend You’re French in NYC and What to do for a Parisian day in NYC. Any more tips for me?

Have you seen the trailer for the new Diane Lane movie? We saw it when we went to see Ghost in the Shell this past weekend. Here’s the trailer for Paris Can Wait and here’s a fun interview with her.


For anyone who has read Amy Thomas’s blog, God I Love Paris, but not her book, Paris, My Sweet, you’re in for a good read! If you’re unfamiliar with her blog, I encourage you to go back and read through her wonderful posts (here is the beginning). This is the book that got me reading French memoirs and for that I owe Amy a great deal. She no longer updates her blog but I saw via social media a while ago that she’s working on another book. I can’t wait for it.


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Prêt à Voyager is a blog written by Anne Ditmeyer, a cool lady who does a lot of stuff and is kind enough to share her Parisian adventures with us online. She recently wrote about how to vote in France, how she got her French citizenship, posts interviews with other creative and inspiring people, and has a great Instagram feed.