Favorite Books Read in 2016

Favorite Books Read in 2016

Here are 11 of my favorite books I read last year and the tiniest of blurbs to go along with the titles.

1. The Red Notebook
Amelie in book form. Whimsical and romantic, set in Paris. My review here.

2. The French Don’t Diet Plan
This book helped me get my snacking under control and lost 10 lbs without trying very hard. I need to give it a re-read… My review here.

3. Written in Red
The first book in the Others series by Anne Bishop. Set in an alt-present day American continent with really interesting relationships between humans and the “Others.”

4. The Obituary Society
A whimsical cozy with the tiniest hint of magic. If there is a word for these kinds of books I need to know it and if there isn’t there needs to be one. My review here.

5. Glory
A “superhero” comic written by Joe Keating. I say “superhero” because, like with all of his comics I have read, how a person is portrayed and the setting are only a means to get out a really awesome story he has to tell and do not necessarily define the entire comic. A must-read. Please read it.

6. The Girl Who Chased the Moon
Another whimsical cozy with a hint of magic. More of these please. My review here.

7. Every Heart A Doorway
This book is about kids who have visited other worlds and what it’s like for them when they get back. Completely amazing. This should be a mandatory read for all who are literate.

8. To Capture What We Cannot Keep
A romantic story with Paris, Ireland, and the Eiffel Tower. My review here.

9. A Curious Beginning
Such. A. Good. Book. The closest I’ve read to my favorite author, Gail Carriger. My review here.

10. Moon Called
The first in the Mercy Thompson series written by Patricia Briggs. These books are so good I got them all from the library and read each one within a 24-hour time frame.

11. The Flower Arrangement
Originally this list was 10 books but I had to make it 11 to include this book. Cozy without the mystery. Several separate people who are tied together in a beautiful way at the end. My review here.