Back in April I went on a work trip to Wisconsin and Illinois for the 10-year-anniversary of the company I work for. I never thought I would ever have a job that I would get to travel with and while my job, per se, doesn’t involve travel, the company is based in Wisconsin and I work in a satellite office. I flew out there for a week of training and I went again in April. It looks like I’ll be going about once a year and that is totally fine with me 🙂
It was a quick trip – four days including travel time. We flew in Thursday, had a company meeting on Friday, drove to and spent the day in Chicago on Saturday with the anniversary dinner that night, and flew back to Seattle on Sunday. I spent most of the day Saturday just wandering and walking by myself, doing exactly what I wanted to do. I took an architectural boat tour, walked to the French Market, took an Uber up to Wicker Park and Myopic Books, and headed back to the hotel for a few hours of realhousewivesguiltypleasure watching to decompress. One thing I really enjoy about Chicago is how flat it is. You can walk everywhere! It’s not so fun doing that in Seattle. Anyway, on to some midwestern architecture…
On Friday night, a big group of us went out to Milwaukee Ale House. Both the food and the beer was really, really good.

Gotta love those team-building games. My team won and my prize was this giant Kit Kat.

Check out the address on this church!

And on to my beloved French Market!

You feel like you’re on a Parisian sidewalk just looking at it, no? No!?

Myopic Books. I bought Outcast Volume 1, A Handmade Life, and I think something else but I can’t remember.

WANT AGAIN. L to R: chocolate covered vanilla, vanilla, CARROT CAKE, salted caramel, green tea, red velvet.

Before the partay.

 Pretty much every time I’m in a bar situation I ask the bartender for something fruity. This time it got me a mangotini, and soon everyone in the room had ordered one. So good!

Sunburn from the architecture tour. It could have been worse.

The view from the “club” at my hotel. You can imagine how fun it was to try to go to sleep with a club in your hotel.

 Thanks for reading!