Turning 29

Turning 29

Turning 29 was much more weird than I thought it would be. I’ve never given much thought to ever being out of my twenties; it’s not that I thought I would be in my twenties forever, they’ve just lasted for almost ten years and it seemed like they would just keep on going forever.

I still have the rest of the year to go, and while 9 years of my twenties saw me graduate college, travel to Europe for the first (and second) time, get engaged, get married, move across the country, etc., etc., I still have some big plans for the tenth year.

Here’s what my 29th of January looked like:

Joy the Baker’s recipe for chocolate cake and frosting. I cheated and had this on the 28th.

Wearing my Franc necklace from the NC Renaissance Fest several years ago.

Presents from Mom and Dad!

Birthday lunch *heart eyes*

Birthday date and dinner.

Birthday dinner from Plum Bistro.

My birthday present from Joe (!!!) and Jacques helping me break it in.
Today I am en route to Atlanta with two dear lady friends where we will then drive to Savannah for a trip filled with… well, right now they’re calling for rain. $%&*. We’re going to eat all of the southern food we can get our hands on, visit the beautiful Atlantic, and hit up some classy cemeteries.