Edward Scissorhands: Parts Unknown

Edward Scissorhands: Parts Unknown

Written by Kate Leth, Art by Drew Rausch. 

This is such a great read! Drew Rausch did such an amazing job on the artwork- I can’t stop gushing about it and it is so, so perfect for Edward Scissorhands.

This story takes place two generations after where the movie leaves off. Meg, Kim’s granddaughter, is struggling to believe that Edward is not real and that her grandmother was lying about him (her mother is adamant about this). She decides to go looking for him to find out once and for all… and of course she finds him! Unfortunately, Edward has just woken Eli, another creation similar to himself but missing a vital part of humanity. Eli kidnaps a boy, causing Meg and Edward to work together to find him before it’s too late, all while trying to convince everyone in town that Edward isn’t the monster that everyone thinks he is.
This comic definitely leans more towards a kid’s read but I wouldn’t say that it takes away from any of the enjoyment for adults. I love love loved reading it and even though I have a digital copy I got for this review, I will probably be picking up the book because it’s just so awesome. You can find it in comic shops this coming Wednesday, May 27th.

5/5 Stars

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley. In stores May 27th, 2015.