October Book Reviews

October Book Reviews

An Impossible Imposter (Veronica Speedwell #7) by Deanna Raybourn 3/5 Stars
In this book we learn of a HUGE detail about Veronica that we didn’t know previously, and I don’t even recall a hint to it. This new development was terribly exciting, but the way Veronica behaves is so frustrating and, to me, inconsistent with the rest of her direct personality. It’s as if along with her feelings for and relationship with Stoker, her ability to follow through with reason has suffered. Stoker also has gotten sad and grumpy and I’ve found there’s little left of what I loved so much about the earlier books. I hope this turns around.

Ceridwen of Kilton (Circle of Ceridwen Saga Book Two) by Octavia Randolph 5/5 Stars
This follow-up to The Circle of Ceridwen couldn’t be stronger. More of what I loved so much about the first book: the characters, the packing details, small mentions of everyday life that are absolutely riveting. I can’t help but feel that these books are changing the way I think about life and the meaning of it (there is a pattern of this happening during the month of October). I can’t recommend these books enough.

The Claiming (Circle of Ceridwen Saga Book Three) by Octavia Randolph 5/5 Stars
Beautiful and wonderful. I can’t say enough about these book but also what’s there to say about a third book in a series that won’t spoil it? This is an exquisite book, delightfully written, and I would recommend these to everyone.

The Hall of Tyr (Circle of Ceridwen Saga Book Four) by Octavia Randolph 5/5 Stars
These books may have ruined me for all others in this genre. They are exactly what I want.
But seriously, out of four five-star books, this may be my least favorite because there are so many bittersweet aspects to where Ceridwen is in life now. Still, I think this is a wrap-up of Ceridwen and Sidroc’s POV and if so it is beautifully and expertly done. I cannot express how these books have come to life for me.

Dead and Gondola by Ann Claire 3/5 Stars

While I did enjoy reading this and looked forward to the time I spent each day reading it, I think this is really geared towards those who are into Agatha Christie and like that type of mystery. I do not like those types of books nor have I read many from Agatha Christie so I’m sure much was lost on me.

I loved the little mountain top town where this took place, and I enjoyed the variety of characters. I did not enjoy that most of the time the story went similarly to the following:

“Oh! I know who the murderer is! It’s the librarian. Because of x, y, and x, she’s the perfect fit. Wait that’s not right, it’s actually the innkeeper. Because of x, y, and x, he’s the perfect fit. Wait that’s not right, it’s actually the gardener…” and so on until they’ve made their way through everyone in town until the get to the killer at last.

So, like I said, if you like that sort of book then I would definitely recommend this book to you. It is not a book for me and I still enjoyed reading it so it is a very likable book.

I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.