January Book Reviews

January Book Reviews

The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec 5/5 Stars
This book is heartbreakingly beautiful. I love a good story about gods or ancient figures I know little about and the drama that only they can bring. I also really enjoyed the mindful, seasonal aspect, and Angrboda’s relationship with her children. I would have liked to see a little more about her past but it’s a small grievance. Highly recommended.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel 4/5 Stars
I like a lot about this book. I think the back and forth in time and the switch in perspectives were done beautifully. The flu pandemic was also done very well: it was interesting and, having read this in January 2022, quite scary and a little too close to home. I’m really glad I didn’t read this before 2020. I think all of the characters themselves were interesting and I found the airport city fascinating. My disappointment is in the ending and the lack of pomp in tying all of the characters together. The reader gets it but we don’t really see that the characters themselves do. But I guess that’s closer to real life than my suggestion so, still a win in my book. Different from my usual read and I’m glad I read it.

Crossings by Alex Landragrin 5/5 Stars
I’m going to get right to it and talk about my one issue with this book. I read the alternate sequence rather than straight through and it was really hard to keep people and stories straight. Thankfully I was able to look around and get things straight eventually, but I spent a bit of time, especially towards the end, confused and wondering where I had read a particular thing. That being said, what a book! When I first heard about it I was so excited after reading the synopsis and learning of the alternate reading sequence. I am glad I read it the way I did, it reads more like a multiple-timeline novel, and it makes it a multi-read book because I am very excited to go back and read it straight through. I’m sure I’ll discover so much I missed the first time because you just don’t know what’s important going into it for the first time (hint: every detail is important.) Paris, magical realism, adventure, love, loss, it has it all. An excellent read.

Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery by Brom 100/5 Stars
The beginning was tough for me to get through- the Puritans are insufferable (but really, when aren’t they?)- and I am beyond happy that I stuck with the book. Abitha was just getting comfortable with her new life and new husband in the new world when she discovers a strange cave in their woods and Edward, her husband, suddenly dies. She has to fight to keep her life the way it is, which she wants, while figuring out the weird goat man in her forest, trying to grow and harvest corn, and keep the Puritans in town off her back. The nature and Pagan aspects are exactly what I’ve always wanted to find and they make this book absolutely beautiful. The only thing keeping me from running off into the forest is the freezing temperature outside.

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