Wednesday Whimsy #21

Wednesday Whimsy #21

Happy Wednesday, the first one of November. I have a massage scheduled for today so it is an especially happy one. I’m looking at my calendar for the month and I notice that I don’t have anything French on the books. I’ll have to find a new themed book release or a Whole 30-friendly French recipe to try to spice things up a little. Oh! Or I can find a new French movie I haven’t seen. Once I finish binging Outlander I’ll be free to do those sorts of things.

Two new Frenchy books out are Fromage à Trois and The Rain Watcher. I haven’t read either of them but they both look great to me.

Just being- Why the French don’t show excitement.
Since I’m newly obsessed with Outlander, what little I could read of this article is fascinating! Forgotten Bravery of French Troops at Culloden.
It turns out more and more Parisians are choosing to be cremated because it is so expensive to be buried there.
An interesting take on a Parisian apartment. I love the bedroom.
How to take better care of yourself using French beauty secrets.
And the most timely: How to have a French-inspired Thanksgiving!

An update from my last Wednesday Whimsy– I made boeuf bourguignon from Ann Mah’s Instantly French and W O W!! It is hands down the best boeuf bourguignon recipe I have ever made and possibly one of the best recipes period. I highly recommend this book even just for that one recipe.

Merci for reading.