Wednesday Whimsy #19

Wednesday Whimsy #19

Bonjour Mercredi! The month of July saw me focusing almost entirely on Whole 30. We’ll be done with the food reintroductions tomorrow and I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself. I have a recap post coming soon so check for that if it’s something you’re interested in hearing about.

Antoine Laurain’s newest US release, Smoking Kills, is out! I haven’t read it YET but it’s first up after I read a few advanced copies that have been piling up.

I’m a big fan of Sabina Socol’s column on Who What Wear. Here’s her newest: A French Girl’s Secrets for Looking Stylish Abroad. This does not help with my Japan travel lust one bit.
It is French Week on the Simply Luxurious Life blog.
40 Little Ways to be French
A Bookworm’s Guide to Paris
A list of the best books to read before going to Paris.
Did you know that Everyday Parisian also has (actual) weekly French links? Check out her latest Links I Love.

I finally broke down and bought some mesh bags. I couldn’t decide between the short handle or long, so I got both.

 Merci for reading. I hope everyone is still making the most of their summer.