Wednesday Whimsy #14

Wednesday Whimsy #14

Bonjour! Happy Wednesday and Happy (belated) New Year. With how busy the holidays were I have not put much active thought into the Wednesday Whimsy posts. Now everything is so slow that I’m looking forward a little too much to making a quiche later in the week. Though honestly I’d look forward to that on a busy week too.

Book T.V. Show
I recently finished the Netflix show Call My Agent (Dix pour cent in France). I kept coming across it being recommended on social media but the description of it didn’t sound like something I would be into. I gave it a shot and was hooked by the second episode. I had a bit of a hangover when I finished season two and definitely recommend this one.

One of my favorites, Jeanne Damas is the coolest, most beautiful French girl in France right now. I feel like I need a deep breath after even silently reading that long title.

An older (but still relevant) article on how to look French. Will there ever be too many of these? Non!

25 Things You Absolutely, Positively Have to Do in Paris. Okay, okay, keep your pants on.

In case you always finish listening to your monthly Audible credit early on and can’t find a good audiobook through the library like me, here are 6 Cool Must-Listen Paris Podcasts.

I discovered Coralie on Instagram a few weeks back and I love her hair, style, and cats. She just has this really fun vibe that I enjoy. She also has a blog but I don’t read it often because I’m not that good with French and website translations leave much to be desired.

Merci et see you next week!