Wednesday Whimsy #12

Wednesday Whimsy #12

Bonjour mercredi! This week I have one of my most favorite collections of French things to share.

Book David Lebovitz’s new book, L’appart, is now out. Read my review here and buy it on Amazon here. If you’re local, he’ll be at Book Larder next week.

Links I had no idea that Catacomb mushrooms were a thing. Supposedly starting with horse manure in Napoleon’s time and ending with the construction of the metro. Now we have something new to call button mushrooms *waggles eyebrows*

A fun read on how to travel like a French girl that also doubles as a crash course on how to dress/look French… written by a real French girl!

The “Frenchest” things to wear brought to you by Sabina Socol, who rates items like berets and scarves.

I already bought the l’occitane advent calendar, but if you don’t have one yet this year this is a GREAT roundup of French-themed calendars. I’ll take one of each, please!

Social I’ve really been enjoying the messynessychic Instagram feed lately. Her new book, Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris, is at the top of my Christmas list.

I’m finally done traveling for the year and am happy to be back at regular weekly postings for Wednesday Whimsy. That’s the plan at least.