The Dim Sum Field Guide

The Dim Sum Field Guide

Ever since a few good friends took me to Din Thai Fung a few years ago, I’ve been pretty head-over-heels for dim sum. My co-worker and I love to take management visiting from our home office there for lunch when they’re in town and I love to see new locations popping up all over the Seattle area.

The Dim Sum Field Guide seems to be a pretty extensive (at least to my little American brain) collection of the types of food you will find at a dim sum restaurant, complete with the origins, popular ingredients, and sides that often come with the dish listed along side of a drawing of the food. Sections range from steamed and pan-fried to sweet and “extras” (think noodle and rice dishes). Not only will I be re-reading this before I go to my next dim sum dinner, I may even sneak it in with me.

My main complaint about this book though is that when I’ve been to dim sum in the past, the star of the show seems to be so many different kinds of dumplings and there were very few entries on dumplings in this book.

3/5 Stars

I was sent a copy of this book via Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.