A Quick Bonjour

A Quick Bonjour

Hello and happy 2017! The last few months of 2016 and the first one of 2017 have brought a lot of changes and soul-searching into my personal life. After looking all year, Joe and I finally bought a house. We love living in a house but there are several updates we want and need to do so that has been an adventure to navigate. And it has a POOL. There’s one childhood dream unlocked.
In September we went to Florida, November to Wenatchee, and to Paris in January for my 30th birthday. Oh yeah, I also turned 30! Great time for thinking about things.

That sky! /die

I seem to have a habit of getting big life revelations when I’m in Paris. This time I realized what I want to do with my life while in the Montmartre Cemetery. It’s still a secret while I work out the details.

I’m working on posts for all of my trips, a roundup of my favorite books read in 2016, and more book reviews of course. If you’d like to see more Paris pictures before I get the posts up, I posted to Instagram throughout the trip.

Right now I’m off to watch Midnight in Paris. I bought it right after we got back from the trip because I got to see the magical steps in the movie while on a bike tour of Paris and need to watch it again 🙂 Happy weekend.