Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

My snazzy new kindle…the only good thing to come from the joke that was “Prime Day.”

I just finished the audio book for Red Rising and… I don’t really know where to start or what to say.

Honestly, it was a slow start for me. Where the main character, Darrow, is from, is not a pretty or pleasant place and was hard to hear so much about it. Once things picked up a bit, I was totally hooked.

So Darrow lives in this horrible place that is actually beneath the surface of a planet. He and his people live and work believing that they are making Mars habitable for the people of Earth to save humanity. Shit happens, and Darrow finds himself on the surface of the planet, ready to infiltrate the ridiculous caste system as one of the top, a Gold. He attends an elite school that weeds the leaders of the world out from the rest. What it is really like is Hunger Games for the rich.

This book is long; the audio book is over 16 hours. I am happy to say that not a word is wasted; this is such an amazingly epic story and world. There’s so much to the story that I can’t mention because SPOILERS but it is really very intense. The journey that Darrow has set out on is a brutal one, and I am interested to see how he handles becoming one of and living with the people that he hates more than anything else.

I’m off to listen to Morning Sun next!
5/5 Stars