The Paradox Trilogy by Rachel Bach

The Paradox Trilogy by Rachel Bach


Well, I just left the whirlwind that was reading the Paradox trilogy. It feels so weird though because I obviously can’t tell you allll about it, not even the good stuff!

These books follow Devi Morris, a Paradoxian merc whose dream it is to become a Devastator (part of the King’s guard). In the hopes of gaining the experience she needs to do this, she accepts a position on Brian Caldswell’s ship, The Glorious Fool. Then everything you think you know blows up in your face.

But I can’t tell you about it.

OH MAN. It’s so good!!

Clearly this is the most coherent and professional review I have written.

While I do have some issues with these books, the trilogy as a complete story is so, so worth it. It’s a great ride.

First, read or listen to book one, Fortune’s Pawn. Then read or listen to book two, Honor’s Knight. Then your only option is to read book three, Heaven’s Queen, because for some darn reason they didn’t make an audiobook for this one. It’s kinda okay because the narrator was NOT good, but I’m glad I listened to at least one to get the pronunciations right for some of the weird space words.