Disney World 2014

Disney World 2014

Last month I visited my parents, who live in Jacksonville, FL. I was born in Tampa, lived in Florida until I was 10, and guess I count this as where I “grew up” because as far as I’m concerned the 15 years in NC didn’t happen.
One of the great things about Jacksonville is that it’s only about 2.5 hours from Orlando! I can’t imagine a trip to Florida with Disney. Who doesn’t want to go to a place where dreams come true?

Even though I’ve been to Disney countless times, I had never stayed at the resort until this trip. Last time we went we drove down, did the Magic Kingdom, and drove back all in the same day. Too. Much. So I splurged and bought a room so my mom and I could enjoy ourselves.

Splash Mountain is tied with the Haunted Mansion as my favorite ride.

And there’s a new gift shop that is Haunted Mansion themed!

And now we get to my favorite area of the park… Fantasyland. Two years ago they added this area and it has a HUGE Beauty and the Beast theme (some Little Mermaid and Seven Dwarfs). There’s Belle’s house, the Beast’s castle with the Be Our Guest Restaurant underneath, Gaston’s Tavern, Bonjour! Gifts, and a little popcorn cart than is Maurice-themed.

The Be Our Guest Restaurant has some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had. Last time I had Salmon with Leek Fondue and Saffron Mashed Potatoes and this time I had the braised pork and a chocolate cream puff for dessert. Both dishes were fabulous.

Ariel’s Grotto…

And breakfast the next morning before we left!

Disney! I can’t get it out of my mind and I’m already looking forward to my next trip (whenever that will be). In the mean time I’ll carry all of my souvenirs around with me and wear my Haunted Mansion t-shirt 🙂