Italy Itinerary + Pictures

Italy Itinerary + Pictures

Day 1

Drive to Florence
2 hr stop in Milan
Milan Cathedral tour
Gelato in Florence at Caffe del Battistero

Day 2

Spend morning with Pat, my mom’s cousin
Breakfast: Scudieri
Walking tour of Florence
Lunch: Giubbe Rosse
Uffizi Museum
Inside Duomo
More gelato from Caffe del Battistero

Day 3

Bus to Rome
toured the Vatican

Day 4

Guided tour of Colosseum & Roman Forum
lunch: Taverna del Seminario
Trevi Fountain – closed 🙁
Spanish Steps
Capuchin Crypts
Souvenir shopping
Circus Maximus
Night pictures of the Colosseum and Vittoriano

What a quick, short trip in Italy! We packed a fair amount of sights and food into our four days. It was unfortunately hot and sunny which led to me looking awful; long sleeves (either a cardigan or a long sleeved shirt) and a baseball hat. Or an umbrella. I am aware of sunscreen, which I used on my face, but the problem with the rest of my body is that it’s so hard to get every square millimeter of skin and then you have to keep applying it. But I survived! I loved having Gail Carriger’s and Elizabeth Gilbert’s voices in my head (as both of them have books where some settings are in Italy) and that made it all the more dreamy.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with my trip! I’m not done yet. I have more pictures and a little write up of my favorite activities. Also see LondonParis, and Switzerland.