12 photos for 2012

12 photos for 2012

Originally I had been planning a massively overwhelming 2012-wrap post but then I saw the 2012 in 12 Photos over on A Beautiful Mess and decided that less is more. Here’s my twelve:

We spent December 31-January 6 driving across the country.

In February I found our wedding venue.

Still unemployed in March- lots of exploring and picture taking.

Also in March* was the Joy the Baker book signing. FABULOUS person next to my unfabulous bangage.
 April brought the Pioneer Woman to Seattle. And me to her.

In May, Joe and I went to Northwest Trek.

On the way to Costa Rica in June we rode first class. <3<3<3

We spent the beginning of July in Costa Rica.

In August, we met Beth in Portland.

In October I met ELVIRA!

In November I found my Tardis case and the Parasol Protectorate series.

And in December we spent Christmas in Florida with my parents <3
*You may notice an absence for September. Mysteriously, I have no photos from my iPhone on my computer for the month of September and Instagram no longer allows you to re-save your own photos to your iPhone (please tell me if I’m wrong…). This is a problem.
How was 2012 for you?